fun in the sun game

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Rating 4.3/5 from 116 votes - Played 39.95k times - Genre dressup

Play Fun In The Sun Game and dress up the gorgeous models in swimsuit and bikini wear suited to them, score points by making the hot o meter fill up. To play use the mouse.

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fun in the sun game

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116 Votes(4.3/5)



this can use some tips


the game it's cool, i love it. It's the 19th time I played it, thanks for the game :D


grate game this is the 30th time i have played and i love the out fits


its fun but i wouldnt recommend this 4 small children


COOL man


its slow to start


it is too slow to start and it is so boring i don`t think it is a good game but you can try it it won`t make you happy


Definitely not the game for you if you like fast-paced action, but for fans of dress-up, this game will surely appeal to them.


sun ski

Nimra Fayaz

I love these all the games. You will Kiss me Please


awesome! i love it i hate my other game cuz when i log in i was banned forever!


Arcade game


i think it was so cool ive played on it about 44 times or something my favourite was dressing the GIRLS


My score is 2900


cool game

rosie king

my score is 4000 and i looooooove this game

leanna king

it's really fun and good for girls that are into fashion.


i dont see why it isnt for small children




thank you


the hot girls are looking very quite i love him


i loooove this game very much....!!!!


this game is the best game


look here all people that play games on the web is


cool as an apple

random guy

boo hoo!


really this game is awesome and i love this game site


cool love it


its very slow in my house


I haven't tried it yet but I think it would be awesome


i love the games they are so fun


its a nonsense game,so don't play it

akyra davis

not a good game try better.


i am still so bored. this is not fun at all


great guys got the girl 100 100 every round

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