super marine game

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Rating 4.6/5 from 27 votes - Views 37.47k - Genre strategy

Play Super Marine Game and defend your base from invasive forces, upgrade your armour and weapons to gain an advantage over the foe. When your strong enough take out the enemy base.

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super marine game

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27 Votes(4.6/5)

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Game is really bugged

Some guy

its a good game but could use more upgrades like the ability 2 upgrade your team mates with better weapons and armour and such so that they can actually do damage and not dies so would also be nice 2 have more current types and have the ability 2 have more then 2 team mates on screen and give them orders instead of having them charge ahead on into the enemies turrets and dying.




The controls suck it gets stuck in one direction and you can not move back un less repeatly taped.


Controls worked fine for me. They should makeit so you can upgrade your teamates and give them commands. They should have a bigger variety of enemys and give them a bit less health ,especially the small guys. They should have more turret types.


this is the ..... game ever o out of 1000000000000000000 o is bad


this game is no fair because the enemy wins all the time they fire things that kill you in 3 times ours r like 20 times to shoot and kill wat the **** you make it like harder then ever


Let Me Play You Dumb Game Or Else I Will Do Nothing At All


it wont let me play


i dont want to give up




fun but simple, needs a sequel.

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