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Play Free The Bird Game and click on various objects to figure out how to help free the trapped bird from its cage. Help our feathered friend escape.

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88 Votes(3.4/5)

31 review(s)


How on earth do u play this game lol :( help me please :)


I love to play girl games.e.a


this game is so awesome


it is confusing.


Tom and jerry


this stupid game!!! ahhhh imma freaking shoot the bird and then it will be free!!!


this game is 1000% easy. dont ask me im not telling u the secret


the clock has to be the same time as your computer time.Then you click the left stick on the clock 3 times.After you click it 3 times you have to click the right stick until the rope snaps


this game is hard i dont know what to do.


this stupid game doesnt even say how to play


kayla your right looool want to be friends loooooollll


this game is so confusing how do you do it


can someone please tell me how to complete this


did you ever play fly like a bird 4?

hate game

this game is hard get it away from me how do you even play this JUNK!


this game is the coolest thing ever


You have to make the clock the EXACT same time as the time on your computer (you do this by clicking the four bars on the bottom, then, when its the right time, simply click the left knob thing 3 times, and click the knob on the right until the coo-coo bird bites off the rope and sets the bird free. that's it. games done. love you! peace!!!


i have no idea how you do this!


thanks for this game


this hole thing should suck its balls


thanks brandon, i got it!!!


hi my name is bear, can someone tell me how to play this silly game?


hi can someone tell me how to play this game. lol.


this is so easy!!!! i love games like this...


this game is impossible to play can you teach me now


wow easy


nice game


this game is confusing but interesting...

adhikari sunita

this game is so interesting


worlds baddest game


its easy, you just click the clock, same as the time on your computer and then you click the little left stick 3 times and then click the little right stick until the little bird on the clock cuts out the rope. now I'm done.

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