fairy tail dress up game

Description & Controls
Rating 3.6/5 from 141 votes - Played 71.79k times - Genre dressup

Play fairy tail dress up game and dress up the cats in fairy tale clothes. Add the right clothes to proceed to the next level. To play use the mouse.

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fairy tail dress up game

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141 Votes(3.6/5)


bailee adamson

hi my name is bailee i wold like to have a game called grad 2 kids game


i love metallica i think they folo me


can yall make a tails dress up


welll l me play it ok =D


not so good


hy plz give me many games of fairy tail .....plz

juvia X jellal



I realy like the fairytail because it has a lot of exiting words like amazing, fantastic, butifull, extrimly, wondorfull, lovely and jazaling.


this is so cool

sophie mason

This website is BORING never go on it again

sophie mason

This website is very cool at times lol

sophie mason

When i first saw this game i didnt think it would be fun but the game proved me wrong its so cool xxx


:DD Fairy Tail rules


good job in making this games a success where many children will visit this site and play this game


nice game i love fairy tail


i didnt even play the game bad game .although i like fairy tail

some one

soooo bad


WOW this sucks soooo bad!!!

Erza Scarlet

I Love FAIRY TAIL my favourite character is Erza

Erza scarlet

thats not fairy tail. fairy tail is an anime

Wendy Marvel

I think that this website should be a bit more creative ^-^

Lucy Heartfilia

Thought it was going to be Fairy Tail manga/anime


i love fairy tail games because i like natsu and grey


this game is not fairy tail its a tiger what in the world


looks really cool!


i'm back but this game is terrible!




i love fairy tail wizard !


has nothing to do with anime


cute game


beautiful game


it's a good game


its not fairy tail...:(


superb game.....


it's nothing like fairy tail.they are far better.erza scarlet

lucy heartfilia

aww so boring


this is a good game, i like playing this. i love it


boring! i wanted the anime fairy tail game!!!

jean atienza

wow this is very interesting! i like it so much


this is awesome

lisanna scarlet

love erza and love how she acts

erza scarlet

i want something more interesting.


not good at all


i thought it was the original fairy tail with natsu lucy erza grey, so boring


well, I somehow expected another fairy tail ...not a dress up for cats 0.0 ? nah I don't like it


awesome! I enjoyed it a lot!


horrible, I am warning you, don't play this.


this is awesome and cool


I hope I can play this, but this is too slow.


its very nice and amazing

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