crumbs game

Description & Controls
Rating 4.5/5 from 22 votes - Played 25.80k times - Genre fun

Play crumbs game and see how much of a cookie can you eat? Your aim is to gobble and wolf down as much of the cookie as you possibly can before your time reaches zero.

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crumbs game

Addicting or lame? Give it a rating from rubbish to excellent

22 Votes(4.5/5)



good! could have more levels though


I love this game its entirely fun


its good I mean its not like great I guess its fine, its cool


i love this game it is so cool its fun


yeah its kinda cool =]


i love this game im pretty good i love it it's very addicting




hate it


i love this once i got 100%


gives to little time


hehehe this was good


that is so cool!


I feel good.


its annoying and frustrating.


horrible do not play this game!


fudge this game.

courtney bee

cool not awesome just saying like it's okay don't care for it sorry


I kind of like this ,it is fun at the same time as weird.

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