naughty gym class game

Description & Controls
Rating 4.1/5 from 208 votes - Played 53.51k times - Genre puzzle

Right and make combinations with all the gym equipment in the naughty gym class, each combo makes the girls swoon and drool as you complete each heroic achievement.

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naughty gym class game

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208 Votes(4.1/5)


michelle germishuys



this F+++ing game is stupid

Hec tor

How do you play that game


alright game


this game boring i would rather sleep my hole life than play this my hole life and if they where here i get killed as in suied


its ok lol game


how do you play this game. it so hard!




very good


this game is a piese of shi$


its the worst game ever duh sure like BORING.......... who made the game i am sure they are stupid


What the freak is wrong with this game?! I couldn't figure it out, so i got the walkthrough, i got to the 5th combo, and it said "Game Over. Nice Try! You Did Not Complete All The Combos.", like i ran out of time. But the thing is, i still had 207 seconds left on the clock! This game is freaking stupid!


this is not a good game so boring i DON LIKE IT


i do not get it

bisma waqas

oh my gosh i dont like it


i hate this game


i hate this game it is so boring

old man

i dont like it here


i love it so much!!!


i dont get what to do on the 5th combo


good game


it is rubbish


i really like this game


don't waste your time with it is so boring!


this game is ok.


very hard. but i like it.

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