airport escape

Description & Controls
Rating 4.2/5 from 183 votes - Played 19.05k times - Genre escape

Play airport escape a point-n-click based adventure and try to find a way out of the locked terminal before you completely lose what little hair you have left. Use your mouse to examine each section of the passengers lounge to find clues or objects that will aid you to open the sealed door. Puzzled? Can't solve it? Press the walkthrough button for an offsite solution.

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airport escape

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183 Votes(4.2/5)



i love it haha


not bad, not good, not fun, not boring but just crazy

bela astrya

this game is awesome!


amazing better than any other ones


this is so fun and amazing!


this is slick p.s. play it


it was not bad but it was good

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